Friday, October 18, 2019

Can't Clutch This September

Happy Friday!

I know it's extremely late, but I am taking a quick break from Halloween crafts but I wanted to share September's Can't Clutch This before the new one is released.

I really LOVED September's design very groovy!

I actually invested in the white strap to go with this clutch (the inside is blue).

Here's a close up of the clutch!

My personal favorite is the dino flair!

The other flair was a green yarn pom-pom

Last but not least I got a free key chain as a gift from CCT!!

Literally me in a key-chain 
Have a great weekend!

Miss Mag Nificent

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Skull Container

Happy Wednesday!

Today's project was a rather hard one to complete but after I was done I was really happy with the turnout! It's inspired by Christine McConnell 

Apparently I missed the bandwagon on her Netflix series but I follow her on You Tube and Instagram she's vintage meets spooky and I am here for it!!

Christine made a skull container and I badly wanted to attempt one of my own on a cheaper level. With some materials from my stash and the $ Tree I was able to achieve it!

I started off with a plastic skull:

I took a tape measure, wrapped it around his cranium then marked around it. This is where the lid will be. Next I took sharp scissors to cut off a lid:

He didn't feel a thing 

From my stash, I found some gem stones to place in the eye sockets, and one on his forehead.

For the lid, I wanted a handle to make things easier again from my stash I found a big cork (pro tip if you drink wine, etc save your corks!) I added a gem on top, then covered it with clear glitter paint.

I for some reason didn't show my process decorating the cork 

This was the hardest part and probably why I didn't photograph it. I wanted to line the inside with material, I got a fat corner from Wal-Mart (.97 cents) I cut it in pieces to fit inside the skull and used Aleene's fabric glue to attach. It was very difficult to do it along with dry time. I did all but the where  the eye sockets were. I do want to make another one but I think I plan to spray that one. 

Next, I took some of the same glitter paint and covered the skull with it. I probably could have left the skull plain but it was fun to cover it in glitter paint:

The other hard part, I discovered was the base to attach the skull. I picked up a candle holder from $ Tree and attempted to attach it with E6000/Hot Glue and that DID NOT work:

Before he fell over

Believe it or not, my skull was a tad top heavy (I KNOW!!) so he would not stay on the little base. Going back to my stash, I found a cardboard coaster to attach to the base:

I painted it black, then attached the skull to it. I had to line the bottom of the skull with a piece of paper too to help attachment (again it was very frustrating).

Here's the finished product:

He resides in my bathroom and I store my spooky hair flowers in them!!

I am hoping to make another one before Halloween is over!

Miss Mag Nificent

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Spider wreath

Every year, I try to do a different Halloween wreath, I like to keep it simple and inexpensive too. This wreath came from Pinterest

You start with an embroidery hoop:

Then you spray paint it black (you can paint by hand but spray paint was faster)

Let dry.

Here comes the annoying part. Get some cotton spider webs (from $ Tree) and stretch over the hoop. I have a love/hate relationship with the web stuff:

I attached them with hot glue, the webs does come with 1 or 2 spiders but I had to get extra so $ Tree had spider rings that came in a pack. I had to cut the ring part off which was easier than I thought and I attached them with hot glue:

Last but not least, I added a black and white ribbon which I was not able to find a stripe one however it still worked out:

I did add some spiders to the other side of the wreath to make it more fun! Overall I am pleased with the turn out!

Stay tuned for more crafts!

Miss Mag Nificent

Monday, October 14, 2019

Going Batty

The past week has been rough but I think I am getting back into my blogging grove. I've been doing Halloween crafts off and on for the month one of my favorites is from Penny Snark with The Sconnie Sling   If you follow her easy DIY, you can make your own bats!

I took the pattern cut it out (of course) then trace them onto black paper. I was able to get a pack under $5 at Wal-Mart and I am able to get two on a page. Cut out again.

Pretty simple then you can hang them.

I took Penny's advice and used sticky tack:

I also hung some on my door using sticky foam mount (I somehow ran out of sticky tack) it worked just fine too.

I love an easy yet spooky effective craft!

Miss Mag Nificent

Monday, October 7, 2019

Erst Wilder Halloween Release

Happy Monday Darlings!!

Erst Wilder just released their Halloween/Skeleton line and let me tell you it's fantastic!

This is my 3rd year purchasing this collection and as usual it does not disappoint!

Tabby Tombstone: Last year, I missed out on the bonus skeleton brooch release so I jumped on the chance this year. It was a tough call between tabby and T-Rex but I am happy with my choice.

Hex Kitten earrings: I love black cats for Halloween so I had to get these fun earrings.

What's your Poison: I am finally excited to have a poison style brooch!

There are still plenty of Halloween brooches available!

Always putting the E in Extra,

Miss Mag Nificent

Monday, September 30, 2019

Post Pinup Season

Happy Monday Darlings!

I can't believe September is over today!!! I am ready for October now if the weather would cooperate. It's either yucky/humid or rainy which we really don't need anymore of that for awhile.

I was hoping to share September's CCT but I'll put it on the back burner for now but I wanted to share my post pinup season plan. After my last contest, I decided to take step back from competing for the rest of the year to refocus my goals, fix my overall self etc.

Here's my top 10 goals going forward:

1. Loose weight. Even though I feel confident right now, but I need to fit into my old dresses, etc plus I have some true vintage that I have yet to wear and want to fit into.

2. Practice posing. My weak point I need to really to focus on this and get better less awkward

3. Walking in heels. So I don't look like a baby calf or an awkward gazelle

4. Practice Hairstyles. Besides wet sets get those damn victory rolls down pat!

5. Photo shoots! Oh yeah I have to share my recent shoot photos but I want to do more shoots and get more published as well.

6. Makeup. I need to continue to practice this to improve

7. Talking during Q & A so I don't sound nervous

8. Car knowledge I gotta know about cars besides Chevy Bel Airs or "the shiny ones" so I don't sound like a total ditz

9. Charity events. I really truly want to focus on the Relay pinup contest for next year, also do more in my community with pin up I think that would help as well

10. Learn a new talent etc. I want to possibly learn how to juggle and learn the ukulele.

I will check in a month to let you know how things are going!!

Always putting the E in Extra

Miss Mag Nificent 

Monday, September 23, 2019

Guthrie's Rockin' Retro Contest

Happy Monday and also Happy First Day of Fall!!

My friend Fatima's Hubby took our photos

Saturday was my 12th and last contest of 2019 Guthrie's Rockin' Retro Contest. It rained for a big part of the day but we still made it work. 5 of us made the long drive to compete! Although I didn't win, I had a good time with my girls!

Tulip O'Tease, Cora Schwinn, your Truly, and Ruby Von Sparkle 

If I am being honest, this contest I felt really good going into this and I felt I had really prepared for it. I was really proud of myself and I still didn't place. It's been a bit hard for me since I've competed in 12 contests in 2 years and have only gotten a runner/top 6. I've watched my friends win or place which don't get me wrong I am happy for but I want a little victory of my own.

However, I've only been at 2 years only competing one in 2017, so I am still growing as a pinup. With that, I have decided to take the rest of 2019 off, polish my craft and come back stronger in 2020.

But I did take photos at the contest here's my favorite car:

Have a great week!

Miss Mag Nificent