Friday, April 3, 2020

Fashion Friday: Strange CVLT


I hope everyone is staying healthy!

I wanted to share a review of these shoes that I had pre-ordered via Sourpuss Clothing back in January (sadly they're closed during this time) but they are shoes from the company Strange CVLT 
which are Spooky Shoes for your #everydayisHalloween aesthetic.

The shoes were ordered in around the end of January and I got them towards the end of February as well. So about a month wait. The only kicker was that the rest of my order I had to wait on as well which was a little frustrating but once I got the order and the shoes it was worth the wait!

I ordered Bat Flats in red. (they also carry them in all black and of course black/orange!).

My only complaint: The shoes are bit snug (I wear a size 10) sadly there are no half sizes. I'm wondering if I need to break them in a bit more or size up the next time?

But the shoes are super cute and very shiny!! I do plan to order again through their site to see the difference. They have Beetle-juice inspired ones AND they have pre-order for Creature of the Black Lagoon!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Mag Nificent 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Spring Decor

Happy April 1st!

Today is my day off as usual so I am hoping to get back into cleaning the beauty room this week.  Also to do some possible crafting as well. These two crafts I did about two weeks ago now before things got really crazy and I was able to purchase supplies. I am really trying to limit my outside shopping trips unless necessary (mainly groceries and gas) which is REALLY hard because I want to do things as normal as possible however it doesn't help flatten the curve. Most places are closed anyways which helps. I still do have to work but I am trying to stay home as much as I can on my days off.

Enough rambling onto the crafts!

I went to the Dollar Tree, I got this really cute sign:

I flipped it over, removed the label and gave it a light sanding:

Next, I took white acrylic paint it took about 3 coats:

I bought a couple of Daisy bouquets, removed them from the stems then hot glued them in a pattern:

I had plans to leave it like this but I had extra flowers and decided to fill them all up:

I tried putting back the twine through the hole (I had removed it to paint) but it frayed so I added a thin black ribbon.

I LOVED how it turned out!!!


Next up! I had found these felt flowers that came in a bunch of supplies that my good friend Vicki gave me years ago:

I never knew what exactly to do with them (I think I have an orange one? But couldn't find it). As luck would have it, I also found some wooden spools along with paint so I matched up paint with the flowers:

I painted each spool then glued them to the flowers:

Finally I got some sticky tabs and hung them up! They definitely bring a spring retro vibes!

Always putting the E in Extra,

Miss Mag Nificent

Monday, March 30, 2020

March Can't Clutch This

How is it going to be April 1st on Wednesday?

This month has been crazy-heck 2020 already 3 months in has been a trip. While I don't know what next month holds we just have keep on keeping on. I am working on my 37 lessons at 37 for my birthday soon it's going to be an interesting list.

If you saw yesterday's post, I compiled a list of some of the small businesses out there. One of them being Can't Clutch This. I love the company and this is one of the 2nd longest subscriptions I've had (besides Ipsy).

Onto the Clutch!

I'm not into pastel all that much but this clutch is the CUTEST!

Here's a close up:

It reminds me of lemon! The gold chain is new for this clutch but of course it can be used with some of the other clutches that I have gotten in the past (as you know they're pretty easy to mix and match) and the pink strap can go with this one too!

The clutch is the classic CCT pink inside and does have a pocket! Here's the flair:

I LOVE this as well it's a Pan-tone tag!

Also, if you've had your eye on some of the past CCT designs they did a rainbow clutch come back! It includes all the various rainbow inspired clutches from last year and a few from 2018!

Happy Shopping!

Miss Mag Nificent

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Small Business Sunday

Usually, I reserve Sundays for my Thoughts but instead I wanted to change things up and share some of my favorite small businesses to support during this rather difficult time.

If you can find it in your means to support any small business out there please do so or purchase a gift card to use later when this eventually dies down. Most of these companies are still open they will have a disclaimer about any changes because of the virus.

In no particular order:

Dolly Cool

Daisy Jones Locker (also offering free delivery on all US orders)

Bobby Pins Co


Erst Wilder 

Dry Scout Goods 

Flying Worm Vintage 

Retro Vixen 

Can't Clutch This

Big Slick Pomade 

La Dama Vintage Trading 

Double Decker Vintage 

Macabre Scents 

The Parlor Apothecary 

Cherry Doll Face Vintage 

Thred Up (I'd thought I'd throw them in because it's online thrifting!)

You Do Voodoo 

I hope that gives you a bit a variety. Most are on Etsy but a few are local but do ship elsewhere. Also be sure to support your local tattoo shops (most are offering gift cards) and local restaurants.

We're all in this together!

Miss Mag Nificent

Friday, March 27, 2020

Lush Haul

Happy Friday!

It's hard to believe April is been around corner my birthday is in a month which is hard to believe. With still all the uncertainty going on, I am not sure what the future holds for my birthday celebrations. It's a wait and see!!

I did my first online order with Lush and got some good stuff! Sadly this was right after Lush closed their retails store due to the virus. Just the day before they sent a sweet email offering their sinks for people to wash their hands.

However their online shop is still open so if you need anything like soap they can help!

Top Left: Lucky Cat 

Middle: Strawberries and Cream. I used this one last Saturday it smelled so wonderful!

Top Right: Peachy

Bottom Left: Madame President This one reminded me of Captain America!

Bottom Right: Egg Plant You know about this one from my last haul and not pictured is my candy bubble bar!

I can't wait for the shop to re-open so I can pick up more goodies! One of the bombs that I wanted is out of stock and I want to see what other ones are available!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Mag Nificent

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Anxiety tool Kit

With the recent events of COVID 19, I have been really feeling extra anxious, scared and depressed. I  wrote last week a self care guide however, I thought I could use a bit more sort of a safety net, or a back up plan. That's when I put together an anxiety tool kit or a survival kit. I was inspired by Penny from The Sconnie Sling who created one with a caboodle case.

My plan was to use an old Loot Crate box but then I had my Batman lunch box so that's what I used! But it could be anything whatever works for you!

Basically what you put into the kit whatever helps you feel good about yourself/feel grounded. Here is mine:

*Can a of Dr. Pepper
*Packets of Tea
*A bath bomb
*Fun toys to make me laugh
*A squishy
*Some hand lotion
*A small coloring book

I made room in my pantry/storage unit to put the lunch box so it's nearby and out of site out of mind but there when I need it.

Check out The Sconnie Sling for more ideas!

Miss Mag Nificent

Monday, March 23, 2020

Ravenclaw Pride Day

You might belong in Ravenclaw if you've am ready mind, where those of wit and
will always find their kind. 

Today is Ravenclaw Pride Day! 

If you don't know, my House is Ravenclaw although I am on the cusp of Hufflepuff I like consider myself a Ravenpuff a combo of the two but more Ravenclaw so I thought I'd share sort of a mood board Monday of various Ravenclaw Aesthetics!

Ravenclaws love to read 

They are creative 

Doesn't it look like an Apothecary shop in Diagon Alley?

Calm and cozy.

There's different types of Ravenclaws. I am a combo of Aesthetic, Bookworm and Wall Flower. 

Have a magical day!

Miss Mag Nificent