Friday, July 19, 2019

Red Lipstick 2.0

Happy Friday Darlings!!

Tomorrow is Scene of The Crash Contest (my 10th!) and I can't be more excited!! It's a good time for sure and I can't wait to see my pinup sisters!!

Today, I wanted to share my updated red lip stick collection which I shared my first here now I have more to collection!

Let's get started!


I love Besame it's aesthetically pleasing and they're accurate reproductions from all decades from the 1920's-1970's!

Victory Red 1941 (read review here) $22.00 currently sold out.

Red Velvet 1946 $22.00

Soap and Glory 

Sexy Mother Pucker Lipsticks- I love Soap and Glory lippys I had gotten Tom & Cherry in my first round of lippys and now I've added two more:

Rougenie $12.00 this a matte red lippy

Poppy Power Shine Lighter (I could not find this one on the website so I don't think it's in stock)


Red for Me (382) $7.49 Matte: I really like the fun color of this lippy


Super Cliquey In the red matte: On sale for $4.50. This one is a hit and miss for me. I liked it at first but then it crumbled after wear. This is a handy lippy though because you just click the bottom of it to extend it and is small enough to throw in your purse.

Butter Gloss Apple Crisp (couldn't find it on the website) On sale for $3.25. It's a soft matte lip cream and one of the colors I gravitate towards

Soft Matte Metallic Lip Cream Monte Carlo $7.00. According to the website it says it's red with a pink undertone but it looks darker in person.

Extra Creamy Round lipstick in Chaos $4.00. I have more NYX lippy than any lippy in my collection they have a fun variety of colors including this one :)

Cover Girl

Melting Pout Gel 125 Gel Yes $7.41. This is in a squeeze tube with a sponge applicator. The problem is that the sponge gets clogged so I have to clean the tip and re-poke holes in them. It's a great color though.

Rimmel London

Kate: Kiss of Life $7.00. Now I had gotten this one at Wal-Mart and I couldn't find it on the website but it's a fun color.

Last but not least I use a red lip liner from ELF cosmetics. I had to get another tube of it. I call it my ride or die lip liner. (Not pictured).

What's your favorite lippy?

Miss Mag Nificent

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Mini Goodwill Haul

Happy Wednesday Darlings!!

Last week, Dad and I stopped at Goodwill to kill time plus my car was in the shop. It's not really a $10 challenge because Dad bought something too. Hopefully I can plan a $10 challenge again soon.

So it's a mini haul for ya!

From Left to Right is a mini guitar clutch which believe it or not I have a larger one in this same style! That one is a cross-body super cute just like it's little one!!

Top is a pair of grey stripped flats from Target which is always handy to have more flats

Last but not least is a bow handbag from Van Maur which is a clothing store in the West Roads Mall  which had the original tag on it!

Although I only paid $3.99 for the bag this was the original price!!

Friday I will be sharing an updated Red Lipstick collection!

Always putting the E in Extra,

Miss Mag Nificent

Monday, July 15, 2019

Let's talk body positivity

Photo credit: Positively PinUp Interviews 

PSA: This post that I am writing about all opinions are my own and how I feel about the situation.

This is a hard topic but I want to give my opinion on it.

If you have followed me for quite some time, you know that I have lost weight back in 2011-2012. I had lost about 50 pounds and I was really proud of my accomplishments. Now I did this solely for me not because I was never bullied about my weight (I got a comment once but didn't care) mostly on how I looked and that my clothes were 2nd hand. Yes believe it or not thrifting wasn't trendy back in the day to some where your clothes came from mattered.

Anyways, when I lost weight, I got "skinny shamed" when I'd go out to eat with friends because I would portion out my food they call me "Skinny bitch" other people would call me "Skinny Minnie" it really hurt my feelings.  But I was proud of what I had accomplished because I worked really hard to loose the weight and I did my first pinup shoot in honor of it. Part of the reason why I got into pinup was because of that shoot.

Me in 2014 

I was mid-sized which is the average size of most women. Which is size 12-14 and that was the size I was. I had gotten down to a size 12 my original jean size was in high school was 14. Heck I thought I was an "expert" on weight loss because I did it the right way (diet and exercise) I even stared a weight loss blog trying to inspire others, I followed weight loss and fit people on Instagram but I grew tired of the "gym selfies" the muscular no boob/ribs showing women. They would compete in figure/bikini competitions look freakish with over done tans, tiny bedazzled swimsuits looking scary AF, they we constantly eating but clean meals allow only 1 cheat day a week, drinking gallons of water (and peeing every 10 minutes), drinking protein shakes, pre-workout (tastes awful by the way), getting up at 4am to workout even working out twice or even 5 days a week! Yet I idolized them. So much so that it become unhealthy so I stopped following all of them (but two because they no longer compete)

I even after that decided that I needed to become a personal trainer so I went back to school for it but damn it really took a toll on me. Trying to balance going to full time in the beginning (I ended up sick) then going part time and working full time overnights. I developed anxiety real bad, eating bad, quit the gyms and would sleep on my days off.

I wound up failing my certification exam and haven't studied for it since.

What I learned:  Even though they are no longer my cup of tea fit people exist they can out push up/lift me any day and that's okay. They chose their life to live each day. But they are humans too. And not shouting at them to eat a cheeseburger.

Me June 2019 

I started to gained all the weight back and I am now at my heaviest. I started to follow plus sized/ mid sized babes on Instagram also reading their blogs or watching their You Tube videos. Embracing themselves unapologetically. They are wearing crop tops, bikinis, have belly button rings, pose nude, are pole dancers, do burlesque, break the rules that society has tried to force upon everyone and are f**king beautiful.

My eyes were open to a different world of women embracing themselves for who they are anybody type, any disability, any color of skin, the list goes on. That's why I got into pinup and the friends that I am with are so beautiful and diverse we accepted each other for who were are. We are all different but that's what makes us unique. When I entered the first Daisy Jones contest a plus sized pinup got crowned as Miss Daisy Jones Locker. She is an inspiration. Also Miss Viva Las Vegas last year was won by Fran Robertson who is an alternative pinup. I wrote about her win here

What I've learned:  Since gaining the weight, I've learned to embrace the skin I am in, wearing what I want (including wiggle dresses), still doing photo shoots, etc. Also that means trying to lift up my friends. We all are own worst critics so I was trying to post memes that promote body positivity because that's who I am trying to be and I want everyone to embrace who they are as women. The saying "Lifting each other up instead of bringing each other down"

Credit: Positively PinUp Interviews 

Because now more than ever there is much shaming not just fat shaming. Even in the LGBTQ community. There is increase suicides because of this. It's heartbreaking. Stating they shouldn't have been born, they should die, etc. Makes me sad. Not to mention some people have eating disorders both kinds because they straight up struggled to gain weight or even to lose it that they've spiraled into dark places (again not okay) so they've accepted their bodies for who they are.

Growing up, I was taught acceptance at an early age so it was hard when I went to school and was bullied for being different. I've struggled with accepting myself for who I am as a person because people used to make fun of me for being ugly. I was called a dog, even barked at also once time spit on because I was different. Popular kids would target me pretend to be my friend then humiliate me at my expense that is NOT OKAY. Neither is any kind of shaming for that matter.

What I have learned:  Those babes I follow on Social Media, are healthy and even workout. Some are even vegan/vegetarian I admire them for because hey that takes a lot of will power (something I lack ha). But truth remains they're not going to die of an heart attack because they are fat or have diabetes for that matter.

Last points:

Do I need to lose weight? Yes and no. Unless told by a doctor, I think it should be anyone's choice to diet and exercise. But I am not going to feel guilty about going to a pizza buffet or eating nachos because how I am going to look afterwards

Are there unflattering photos of me out there? Hell yes

Do I have insecurities? You better believe it.

Do get nervous about wearing certain clothes even bathing suits? Yes but I wear them anyways.

Bottom line: Love yourself and honor your curves.

I will be sharing some of my favorite curvy gals soon!!

To close, I want to share this Ted Talk that Virgie Tovar did back in 2017. I follow her on Instagram and she writes articles about being fat (even written books) I think it sums about body positivity perfectly:

Here's to embracing who we are!!

Miss Mag Nificent

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Let's talk eye shadow palettes

Happy Wednesday Darlings!!

I survived the work week (I work Saturday-Tuesday) and I get a couple days to relax. I've been back full-time 2 months now, I am enjoying my schedule overall for the most part (I hate working weekends though) the 10 hour days aren't so bad and I get 3 days off out the deal.

Today, I wanted to talk about eye shadow palettes. Since getting into pinup, I gravitate towards makeup more so I wanted to share my small collection of palettes that I've acquired over the years. Plus this is in preparation for my new palette coming soon!!

In the beginning, I had one really old NYC blue palette (that I should probably toss) and a small Wonder Woman palette (I won't toss that). I feel weird that stuff like that has an expiration date on it when you spend so much $$ on certain palettes and then have to toss them later? Just saying.


NYX-Ultimate Shadow Palette $18.00. I think I got this cheaper at Target but I can't remember but when I was watching the 2018 Face Awards some other contestants were using this palette so I figured it was a good one to invest in. The best part this palette had red and yellow which I was lacking prior to purchasing this palette. What I love most about this: It's small enough to travel with which I haven't yet but it's perfect to do so. (also NYX is a drug store brand but more high end in my opinion)

BH Cosmetics Aurora Lights Palette $21.00 I actually gotten this as a gift during our pinup Christmas party last year. I LOVE this palette! You know me I love glitter and this is such a fun palette!

Sola Look Grease Pink Ladies Palette $40.00 (it's currently sold out) now I don't think I spent $40.00 on this I think there was a sale when I got it. I got a free Pink Ladies patch and a Rizzo sticker. This is also another fun palette I love Grease and I'm an honorary pink lady :)

Wet N Wild Crystal Caveran Megaglo Eyeshadow Trio Amethyst $4.99. That's a mouthful!! I love Wet N Wild products (drug store brand in case you didn't know) but they are stepping up their game a bit. I got this to be a bit different, step out of my comfort zone a bit, plus I used this palette with my Luna Lovegood Cosplay this one would also be good for travel too.

Those are my palettes! I can't wait to share my new one with you soon!

Always putting the E in Extra,

Miss Mag Nificent

Monday, July 8, 2019

You Tubers I admire

Happy Monday!!

I have a few posts in the works but I have to wait for products to come in but I decided I'd share something new. I wanted to share some You Tubers I admire.

I got into You Tube late in the game but I follow a different variety of You Tubers from Thrift You Tubers, to one that dabble in vintage/pinup etc. Along with Backstreet Boys, John Mayer (no shame) and The Rock.

Anyways the first You Tuber I admire is Rachel Maksy: 

Rachel used to be "The Pinup Companion" but changed to her own name. She won 2018 NYX face awards (even though she's pretty humble and doesn't think she should have won).

Why I like Rachel:

*She's pretty humble like I mentioned and that's a breath of fresh air.
*She can be awkward and owns it.
*Her dog Frodo is THE cutest (I even own the Frodo shirt)
*She does amazing Cosplay (especially Wonder Woman)
*She even throws in bloopers in her videos which again makes her genuine
*She's very aesthetically pleasing 

Her recent series (posted video) But make it vintage is fantastic! She's learning how to sew and she owns up to her mistakes and swears she isn't perfect. I'm not much into Star Wars but I enjoyed watching her take on Leia.

Give Rachel a follow!

Always putting the E in Extra,

Miss Mag Nificent

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Pinup Logistics

Happy Saturday Darlings!!

1 week from today is the pinup contest for John C. Fremont Days.

2 weeks is the Scene of the Crash pinup contest!!

One of my favorite things I like to do before pinup contests is what I like to call "pinup logistics" a behind the scenes of a contest. In case you didn't know, a lot planning can go into a contest. Not just registering for the contest, but planning the outfit, etc.

For me, I like to plan ahead with my outfits (or try to anyways). I'm a planner by nature. Plus in case something doesn't workout I can come up with a plan B if need be.

Here's my outfit for John C. Fremont contest:

It's a 1940's themed contest.  I know it's going to be hot that day but this is the closest style outfit I have. Not pictured are my shoes, additional accessories and my prop. But this gives you an idea of what I am working with.

Nothing makes me happier than planning for contests!!

Always putting the E in Extra,

Miss Mag Nificent

Monday, July 1, 2019

June Can't Clutch This!

It's officially summer here! I try not to complain too much about the heat we really need to dry out. However I had to blast both a/c's the other day....Also I can't believe it's July!! I am really hoping it's going to be a good month.

Today I am sharing June's Can't Clutch This. If you remember last month I mentioned how CCT has become a separate identity from Studio DIY which is really exciting for the brand. This is year 2 of me having the subscription and out of all of the ones I've tried, I really like this one this best. Granted it can be pricey (adding the flairs etc) but I think it has paid for itself. Sometimes I don't add the flair and just get the clutch (which itself is $19.99) also I did skip March this year but otherwise getting the clutches has been the highlight of each month.

Tropic Like It's Hot

This month's clutch is throw back to last July with the fold over design. It has a cute palm design. Along with a fun coral color which is 2019 Pantone color of the year (who knew?).

I decided to use the palm leaf flair from last year's clutch as opposed to the flair included with this month (it was cute but I wasn't feeling it). Also the pink strap is from another clutch which has been the nice advantage of these clutches.

Also, they changed the plate to Can't Clutch This which was really exciting

The inside of the clutch is the basic pink and has the inside pocket too. I'd give this month's clutch an A+

Have a great week!

Miss Mag Nificent