Saturday, December 15, 2018

90's Wish List


The 90's are making a come back! From Caboodles, to Tamagotchi's.

Today I am sharing a few things that I have found that I wouldn't mind having again :) since I was a kid growing up in the 90's (best time ever if you ask me).

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Card game  

My little nerdy heart fluttered when I saw this game! I was such a Carmen Sandiego junkie (never caught that slippery B) I watched the game show on PBS wishing I could be on it (just to wear the sweet beret and the jacket. Plus who wouldn't want a free trip to one of the 50 states??)

Also there is a 90's versions of Cards Against Humanity
and The Oregon Trail

I've been at my local Target they have platform shoes, Cher Inspired Plaid outfits, Holographic everything, Velcro wallets, and mini Arcade key chains!

Femme De Bloom

She has the best 90's accessories including the Uncle Jesse earrings!

Also here is a list of 27 Gifts That prove the 90's were the best which has some other fun gift ideas!!

Happy Shopping

Miss Mag Nificent

Friday, November 23, 2018

Black Friday!!

Happy Friday everyone!!!
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I am definitely thankful for my new job, new co-workers, and of course my pinup babes!!!

Today I am watching football (Go Big Red!) and cleaning my apartment since I still have Halloween decorations up (oops!) not sure if I'm ready to decorate for Christmas yet but it will nice to have a clean home!

I don't Black Friday Shop but I thought I would share some of the deals with my favorite shops with you so if you don't want to leave your house (I hate crowds)!!!

BAIT footwear

Up to 40% off through Cyber Monday

Sourpuss Clothing

25% off everything with the Code BLACK (all caps) thru 11/23

Unique Vintage

They are doing daily deals so I can't access Friday's yet (I wrote this on Wednesday lol)

Modcloth  TBA

Steady Clothing

25% off everything use code  HOLIDAY2018 through 11/27

Superhero Stuff

Daily Deals up until Black Friday


30% off everything code thanks30

Le Bomb Shop

30% off everything

That's all for now!
Happy Shopping!

Miss Mag Nificent

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Miss Shamrock 2018

Back on October 21st (I'm playing catch-up here) I attended my 5th and final contest for 2018 Miss Shamrock at Hooks Pub in the town of Clinton Iowa.

I had no intentions of competing again for the rest of the year after my tragic Daisy Jones mishap but I didn't want to end of the year on a bad note so when I saw Miss Shamrock I knew I wanted to do one more to end the year right!!!

The only kicker was Clinton Iowa is 6 HOURS away which meant my pinup partner in crime Cora (aka Sara) and I had to leave Saturday afternoon for the contest Sunday. (Note to shelf: never go to a pinup contest that is THAT many hours away from you!). We got a hotel and arrived at Clinton by 8pm CST.

Also to my delight, I discovered that Lucky Gal Tattoo is a REAL place! (post on that later too!)

We got up Sunday morning and got our glam on! I decided I really wanted to have fun with this look so I did a Captain America inspired look:

Dress: More Me Know
Hair Flower: Lilo Jo (which ended up falling apart)
Shoes: Bettie Paige
Shield: Target Dollar Spot
Earrings and Brooch: Femme De Bloom

Cora's sister did victory rolls for me!
My original look I had planned (early) I just wasn't feeling, the closer the event was coming, I just had no desire to go through with it. I had to DIY something and did not get around to it which is very unusual for me!

I went to my favorite place Target and found a foam Captain America Shield (yay dollar spot!) in plans to put at my permanent cubicle at work but inspiration hit me to do a Cap look for the contest. As I mentioned before, I really wanted to have fun with this!

One more for good measure!!

I didn't win but I made some amazing friendships which is way more important than a tiara or sash!

Always putting the E in Extra,

Miss Mag Nificent 

Monday, November 5, 2018

Unicorn Aquired! Vixen by Micheline Pitt

Hello Babes!

I don't have many "unicorns" when it comes to dresses if you remember I did score a Bernie Dexter number back in 2016. 

Another rare piece was a Vixen by Micheline Pitt when the collection first launched also back in 2016 I had gotten my hands on a skirt but it was too small (sad face) I've hung onto it in the hopes I will fit into it one day...

I am no stranger to Vixen by Micheline Pitt, this year I ordered some Halloween T-Shirts from her Ben Cooper collection (I took advantage of her Labor Day Sale!) and I never got around to posting about it (#themonthgotawayfromme).

Anyways....... long story short! I happen to be on Facebook when one of the (many) pinup groups I belong to was selling the Lipstick Print Dress which is the same print as the skirt is. I knew I had to have it! I jumped at the chance to claim it (I know how these FB groups are) before I knew it the dress was being shipped to me!!

I haven't gotten a chance to steam it yet or wear it (just to tried it on fits like a dream!!)

I'll have proper outfit photos done later!!

Always putting the E in Extra,

Miss Mag Nificent

Thursday, October 25, 2018



I am so sorry for going ghost on you guys!!!

What has happened?

First off I got a new job. I got out of the night shift jungle. I started at Pay Flex on September 24th, I worked 8am-4:30pm for 4-weeks and now I am officially on my official schedule 10:30am-7pm. It's the closing shift. So adjusting from 3 different time frames has not been pleasant. I am so tired that I ended up going to bed as soon as I can. My cat is mad at me for changing schedules again!

But I love, love my job it has it's moments but I wouldn't change it for anything!

"Love your job everyday, you don't have to like it everyday"

Isn't it true?

I can blog here however I am limited (as in posting pictures etc.)

What else has been going on?

I got my first publication in a pinup magazine!!! That is beyond exciting!! I will write on more about that soon.

I also did a Halloween mini photo session too!

I attended my 5th Contest too last Sunday!

I will be back as soon as I can figure things out.

Always putting the E in Extra,

Miss Mag Nificent

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday Thoughts: Closeted Pinup

As you all know, that I am a pin up gal. I am in my 4th year of pinup, I have competed in 4 (soon to be 5 shows), I have done 4 pinup shoots, I am in the process of getting published (just sent some photos to a magazine!) and I blog about it.

I don't do "Full pinup" every day meaning wear dresses with petticoats, full make up, styled hair etc. I wear pin up clothes to work most days, scarves, brooches etc. But not a full look. I try to save that for when I go to events, etc.

Anyways, one night at work I was asked about being on stage outside of work. So I said that I do pinup and said person didn't know what pinup was!! I found this a little surprising because said person should know what pinup is (or at least I think so) it was awkward trying to explain it to them. I get awkward sometimes when it comes to stuff like that because again most people know I do this as a hobby/lifestyle

Me trying to explain pin-up to someone who doesn't know 

Now, most of my co-workers know that I do pinup (I have a few of them as friends on Facebook not my bosses of course for professional reasons) and one of them has mentioned that "I do pinup" like it is some big secret that she had "stalked" my page to see my photos and stuff.  I don't see this particular boss very often either because of our schedules so there's no time for small talk (I'm usually going out the door as she is coming in) with her and I had to tell her that I couldn't work one night because I had a contest that I was in.

It was strange because I felt like I was in the closet sort to speak for being a pinup. Which isn't like me at all because I am LOUD and PROUD about being a pinup sometimes it's all I talk about (true story)  and think about.

I have lead somewhat of a private life as far back as I can remember it was just how I raised and 99.9% of the time I was worried about judgement from others, plus a little embarrassed too. In the world of social media judgement is on the regular. So it has always been hard for me to come out of my shell (hell I was embarrassed to show my 2nd pinup photos because of my cleavage!) and also I feel like at work is work that not everything needs to be out there and private needs to be private.

But not pinup I am proud of what I do as a pinup, it makes me very happy to be able to do what I do. It takes so much time and dedication. Ask any pinup out there, they will say the same thing!!

I am Miss Mag Nificent I LOVE being a pinup!!!

Always putting the E in Extra,

Miss Mag Nificent

Friday, September 14, 2018

Etsy Love: LilaJo and Rosie Gram

Happy Friday Darlings!!

It is my last work weekend and I have 1-week left in my current job!! I'm telling you it is SO unreal 
I have spent the last couple years of looking for the right job and I finally found it! Though it is bitter sweet for sure I am ready for a new beginning!

I am also working on a pinup inspired look book for Football season! So far I've done 2 outfits, I am hoping maybe at least to get at least one more outfit to make it post worthy!

Today I am featuring not one but two new Etsy Shops!

 I found called LilaJo the owner Shana makes super cute hair flowers and rockabilly accessories so I had to order some pretties!

From left to right: Small roses, a large dark blinged rose, a cameo skull necklace and a black spider flower! The light pink flower was a free gift which I always loved free gifts!!!

Rosie the Riveter Legacy Gear (aka Rosie Gram)

While in North Platte, I found Rosie the Riveter souvenirs at Golden Spike Tower a ducky and a baseball tee but I wanted it ALL. As luck would have it, I found an Etsy store that sells Rosie gear!

You can get this set for $10 which is a small Halloween set including the bandanna and pin. What is great about the bandanna is that it arrives soft!!! Which really excites me because store bought bandannas are so stinking stiff you have to wash them 50 times just to get it soft!

Have a great weekend!

Always putting the E in Extra,

Miss Mag Nificent