Friday, January 17, 2020

Fashion Friday: Winter Essentials

Happy Friday Darlings!

It's technically winter here in Nebraska but if you'd look out the window or the recent temps you wouldn't know the difference! We've been spoiled with unseasonable warmth (50 degrees at Christmas) so I haven't truly gotten to dress for winter peruse until last weekend when it finally got cold enough to dress for winter!

I decided to share a round up of my favorite winter essentials!

#1 Fleece stockings Game changer!! I got mine from Wal-Mart but I linked some on Amazon that can work. I had another pair that lasted me a few years that were thick/temperature control ones that I loved so I was sad that I had to part with them but the ones I am currently wearing are amazing!!

#2 Cigarette Pants I was skeptical when I bought these pants but they fit!! If you still want to look vintage inspired these are the way to go!

#3 Twiggy Dresses A great dress for winter! It comes in a mustard and geometric! When I bought this dress I knew it would be perfect on the colder days! It's long sleeved but not too thick, comfortable, a fun tie, a front zipper and pockets!!!

#4 Cardigans. Various stores carry them from Sourpuss, to even Old Navy. I know Mak is a pinup go to for cardigans they carry sweaters too! But if you put them over a summer dress, you have yourself a cute winter outfit!

#5 Black stockings Another essential for me is black stockings for the fall/winter. When it's not super cold out I wear these as opposed to tan or nude ones (which I wear in the spring/summer).

#6 Leggings. I never thought of myself as a leggings person until I paired them with some of my dresses=game changer! I use them more for my skater/Rosie dresses

#7 Circle Skirts I love a good circle skirt from Steady they can be pair with anything!

#8 Petticoats! I know they can be pretty much worn year round however it can be hard in the summer if you live in warmer climates but in the winter they can be added layer of warmth!

#9 Long coats: This one has been a tough one to find a long coat that's flattering and that doesn't make you look like well you're wearing a circus tent as you saw from last Friday's Dollskill review I have been on a mission to find the perfect long coat. I also have one from Old Navy in Hound-sooth that needs some style TLC but any long coat with a dresses/skirts is definite must!

#10 Berets. I only have one so far but I am planning to eventually add to my collection. Amazon has a variety of different styles and colors too! I love this style as well

#11 Boots. Where I live the weather is unpredictable (we're now actually having winter after being spoiled with near 50 degree temps!) I have a pair of snow boots, but I also found a nice pair of winter boots that are water resistant from Old Navy  they are perfect because they go with everything!

I think that's everything! Let me know if there's anything I missed!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Mag Nificent

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Blue Blood Palette Review

Happy Wednesday!!

I have been wanting to share my review of Blue Blood for a bit... I actually forgot about it for a minute there. 

JSC released Blue Blood last year in Spring of 2019. Here's the video:

I purchased BB on Black Friday as part of the sale. Let's get into it shall we?

The packing though:

One thing I LOVE about JSC is how much the pay attention to outside packing too. 

It looks like a coffin which is what Jeffree was after for the design. I love the latch opening too!

The best part of the palette it has a ton of neutrals so if you're not one to go crazy with the pigments you can always tone it down. But I love all the colors and haven't dipped my brushes into all of them yet. 

I can't sing my praises enough!! I am looking forward to 2020 at JSC!

Miss Mag Nificent 

Monday, January 13, 2020

December Can't Clutch This

I know it's late AF (gotta love UPS), but I still wanted to share my Can't Clutch This from December. I think I am in year three of the subscription? It's one of the monthly subscriptions I've kept up with. And I've done quite a few:

Ipsy: I want to say 3 years?

Pinup in a Pack: About a year

Fandom of the Month: Only 3 months

Loot Crate: About a year I think

Scent Bird: 1 month (I skipped December so stay tuned for January!)

Anyways, Thanks to the holidays and whatnot there was a delay with my clutch. It seems when I email to say something the next thing you know, the package shows up. 2nd time that's happened!

Color me shook

Here's the clutch

It's another nod to the 60's-70's. Fun spring colors. As you know, there are 3 straps that can be used as multi purpose clutches. The pink of course would work with this one. 

It's a quick post! Have a great week!

Miss Mag Nificent 

Friday, January 10, 2020

Fashion Friday: Dollskill Review

It has been forever since I've done a Fashion Friday so I thought I would bring it back!

I decided to order from Dollskill  because they were having a big sale also because they have line from the 90's Delia's.

I remember getting the Delia's catalog in the mail it was so fun looking at the photos wishing that I could pull off the clothes (and afford them). I did buy some bedding from them once upon a time. And since Dollskill brought Delia's back to life. I had to order!

*Note one item I ordered I had to return because it didn't fit. But once I exchange it so there will be a part 2!

But my favorite item......

This coat!!! I had debated about the coat for a month and when I seen it was marked down really well (thank you after Christmas sale!) I knew I had to get it!!!

It totally give me Harry from 3rd Rock from the Sun vibes:

All jokes aside this coat is so soft, fluffy and cute!!

Here's a shameless Target selfie of the coat in action:

The coat is warm even though Nebraska has kind of missed the memo that it's winter here I only wore it that Friday and to work Sunday morning (after being called a pimp by the security boys ha ha).

Negative: Only one! The coat uses hooks as opposed to a zipper or buttons. It only has 3 of them which they come loose easily (when sitting in the car) and the top one is by my neck which is a tad uncomfortable

Other than that I love the coat!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Mag Nificent

Monday, January 6, 2020

Hall Closet Organization Part 3

Happy Monday!

I have 2 hall closets. After Christmas the one closer to my bathroom, I ended up organizing that one because it needed it really badly (it was a mess!). My other closet got really bad and unorganized after I did re-organize it in 2015 Then I did again maybe a year ago or was it two? I don't remember documenting it. I was surprised that I did back then (LOL) but that's when I was trying to be an organizing blog.

I am guilty that this closet has become sort of a "catch all" for junk (just like everything else in cupboards am I right?). Of course I think in the year New Year, everyone gets on the declutter, re-organization, cleaning mode.

I used it as an excuse to not go to bed at 4:30pm on a Friday but it needed to be done here's the before photo:

Yeah it's bad. I started storing my craft supplies in here......

What I did:

I took out a container of travel sized makeup, expired products and tossed them. I down sized to another smaller bin (one of the purple ones), I put my hair accessories in there, a lot of stuff got tossed, I took some of my 31 bags emptied, and put my craft supplies in one of them, because they were in multiple bags, and I emptied my travel bags that were full, then I put all of them in one spot so I know where they were because I couldn't locate some of them that I use to carry my period products in. I put them one of the other containers that they were but just them.

The after:

Okay the towels aren't tidy but everything else its. I also did some re-arranging on the shelves, to make everything fit, . The bottom is where I keep my travel and reusable bags. So I don't have to go looking for one when I need it.

I am really happy how much better it looks!

Always putting the E in Extra,

Miss Mag Nificent 

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Sunday Thoughts: Word for 2020

It's the first Sunday in the New Year!

How's your New Year been? Mine actually has been really good. I actually didn't stay up until Midnight I tried but I was so darn tired but once I heard fireworks at Midnight, I got up tossed confetti, toasted the New Year then went right back to bed. Good way to start 2020!

My 4th Year of having the good things jar! 

I decided my word for 2020 will be:

Focus on the positive/good
Focus on myself
If life gets blurry adjust the Focus

Do you have a word for the New Year?

Always putting the E in Extra Miss Mag Nificent

Friday, January 3, 2020

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3 Recap

Note: If you haven't watched season 3 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel then click out of this post!!

First post of 2020!!!

I hope everyone had a great New Year! Tomorrow is my nephew Luke's 6th Birthday party he's a NYE baby so I will be excited to celebrate with him!

It's been a month since season 3 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel dropped on Amazon and let me just say WOW. I was predicting some of the things that happened in the final episode did and I can't wait for season 4!

I won't be doing any spoilers peruse just an overall recap of the season.

Midge kicks off her tour with Shy Baldwin. She pretty much uproots everything, leaves Dr. Benjamin behind starting off with a USO show, then to Vegas which is a pretty comical moment involving yellow teddy bears, gambling (this should have been something!), Midge having her first bomb, and Midge and Joel marrying again oops!

Susie has her hands full juggling both Midge and the enemy Sophie Lennon. Towards the end of the season, we see Susie pretty raw it's like she's got a heart after all. More on that in a bit.

Meanwhile Abe and Rose have hit rock bottom to live with Joel's parents Moishe and Shirley which is anything but paradise (I almost thought for a moment they go back to Paris) they join Midge on her tour in Florida to watch her act which Rose is drunk for the entire bit. Rose later is trying to play Matchmaker for a broken hearted Benjamin. Abe also gets published.

Joel is working on opening his new club which Midge does a short act on the stage. Joel is dating Mei (while there's an underground Asian gambling ring happening next door) and he gets his liquor license rather quickly thanks to her connections.

Shy and Midge sail on his boat, later Midge finds Shy in the boat beaten to a pulp. The tour gets canceled for a bit then Midge is making odd jobs doing radio commercials, getting paid in tampons and syrup!

Benjamin confronts Midge at her diner (in the cute orange daisy number I might add) about blowing him off.

Susie gets Sophie a show on Broadway and Sophie blows it by doing her old stuff which upsets Susie and basically quits as her manager. Also we find out that she gambles Midge's money away which we really don't find out about but the clues are there. She cries after loosing after a big fight, and then goes to Joel begging him to be in charge of Midge's finances going forward.

When Susie finds out her mother dies (in a rather humorous way) Susie with her sister burn down their childhood home to collect the insurance money. Her sister asks if it will be enough to pay Midge and what about her? Susie says that she will be fine that she doesn't need much.

The final episode A Jewish girl walks into the Apollo: Midge asks Moishe if she can buy back her old apartment, then the tour is back on and Midge has to follow the famous Moms Mabley which freaks out and Reggie (Shy's manager played by Sterling K. Brown) tells her to make fun of Shy which I believe is a set up because right after they are getting ready to board the plane, Reggie says Midge is fired from the tour for the Shy jokes.

The show ends with Midge in tears and Susie reassuring her.

I totally wanted to cry with Midge because that is very shady of Reggie. I am excited to see what happens in Season 4 (now date as of yet) but you can bet I will be watching! I didn't recap every little detail there's some holes I left open but you'll have to watch!

Tits up!

Miss Mag Nificent